Cross Creek Companies

Cross Creek invests in venture backed growth companies with innovative products, proven business models, and exceptional management teams.

We have an extensive track record of identifying businesses with sustainable long-term growth prospects that are thriving as independent public companies.

Cross Creek actively collaborates with our portfolio companies, providing strategic guidance, and leveraging our proprietary network to facilitate their transition from private to public.

Investing in venture-backed growth companies with public potential.

Cross Creek makes direct investments in growth companies that have the potential to provide near-term liquidity and an attractive IRR.


Portfolio Investments




Public M&A Exits



Active Investments

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Exited Investments


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The portfolio companies and funds identified and described herein may not represent all of the portfolio companies and funds purchased, sold or recommended for funds advised by Cross Creek Advisors. Not all acquisitions or IPOs are profitable; the positions can be acquired at a price that is greater or less than the price at which Cross Creek purchased its interest for client accounts. The information is being shown to reflect the firm’s ability to select investments and not to reflect any positive investment experience. The reader should not assume that an investment in the portfolio companies and funds identified was or will be profitable. Company investments less than $500,000 are excluded from this list.